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Hi everyone My name is Minister John Ruland III  I was born in Doverfoxcroft Maine on 10/22/1954 and my mom was from Guilford Maine and my dad was From Sangerville Maine.  They went to the same high school.  They only lived 1 mile apart. 

Eternity is a long time to be wrong

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HI everyone

Embracing God's Love

         The Forever Decision

The real question is everyone wants to know is there a god and how do we talk to him on his level.

    The explanation would be a very simple one. God himself is omnipresent and he always is and always will be. For us to understand this sometimes evades us. We think in life times. How long will we live here on year in earth years. Some have lived to be over 100 that we know of at this present time. Even the ones that live past 100 say to live day to day because you don’t know when you time has come to die a physical death. That is when the body dies and no long breaths the air of this world. For some the reality of death scares them almost to death. For what is death anyway?

In reality is it the separation of body and soul. Your spirit lives within your soul and your soul lives within your body. So when the body dies the soul separates from the body. The sprit is what you really are. The color of our soul is whether or not you got saved. Unsaved you r soul is empty and blankness for there is nothing in your soul. If you got saved gods light fills your soul and your soul gives of a glow. The difference between Satan Angeles and gods angels is Gods angels give of a golden light and Satan’s angels don’t.

      So if you are saved you will give out a golden light. For God is real if you got saved you know he is alive because he lives with in you. If you have fallen away and it seems like you don’t feel his presence any longer you have pulled away from God, God will never pull away from you. It is how much you give of yourself unto him. It is like driving a car all day and all night and God said when it is my turn to drive. You keep driving on and on and never stop to rest. You get tired and fall asleep and crash. Now you blame god for crashing the car but you was the one driving. Now if you let god drive the car you could of took a nap and then you would not have crashed.

      It is like in everyday life, let god drive. Let go and give your total life to him. Let him take the wheel of life and let him do the driving. It is how much of yourself you give until him. Say the prayer of salvation on the back page and then the prayer to give yourself totally to him. It is up to you to come to him. God is the same today, tomorrow and ever more. Everything In your life is up to you to decide what you do day to day. Let God drive from now on, let him guide you in everyday life, listen to him and follow him and he will lead you back to heaven where we come from. Do it today, make the forever choice today, this is your life and no one else's it is up to you to make the right choice.




    To anyone that reads this page, these prayers are the secret prayers to God for salivation from Satan's world and Hell.  Satan wants these prayers never to be heard of or seen. So don't tell Satan we put the secret prayers here.

To become Saved. Read below.

   Prayer of Salivation (Say this out loud).

  God, I believe with all my heart and confess with my mouth that Jesus Christ was buried and has been raised from the dead, I make Jesus Lord of my life right now, and I repent of all sin and turn from it. I open the door of my life and let you in. Jesus you are my lord and I will serve only you. I renounce you Satan. You are no longer my Lord.. In the Father, Son and holy Ghost, Amen.

     Prayer of completely to God   (Say this out Loud).

  Father, I give myself completely to you. I need power to live for you. Fill me to over flowing with your holy spirit. I receive his fullness right now. I will be and I will do and I will say what God wants me to. In the Name of Jesus,  Amen.

     God's Property (Say out Loud)

  In the name of Jesus I command you devil to take your hands of all of God's property, in the name of the father the son, and Holy Ghost, Amen.