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Welcome To My Homepage


Welcome to John R. Ruland III home page

Every One Welcome

Hi everyone My name is Minister John Ruland III  I was born in Doverfoxcroft Maine on 10/22/1954 and my mom was from Guilford Maine and my dad was From Sangerville Maine.  They went to the same high school.  They only lived 1 mile apart. 

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HI everyone

Embracing God's Love

                 Take the stairs or the elevator

   If you come up to the elevator and there was stairs, which one would you take?

Would you take the stairs or the elevator? Now the question would be how many floors are there. Sometimes it is easier to take the stairs if the elevator is really busy. You might have a hard time getting into the elevator let along getting to the floor you want. It might be going the wrong way. So you decide to take the stairs. In life the ground floor is earth and would you take the stairs to heaven or the elevator to hell. Just about everyone once they got to the elevator they would get in because they would not want to take the stairs. What would happen if there was a sign that said this elevator is only going down to hell? Would you stay on the elevator or would you get off and take the stairs to Heaven?  In life we have to make choices every day. Do we take the elevator down or the stairs up?  God's angels come down from heaven on stairs and Satan takes the elevator. They got there at the same time to claim you. If you are saved you will go with the angel of God, if you are not saved you will go with Satan's angel. Now will you take the elevator or the stairs? Will you choose Heaven or Hell? Where are you going to spend eternity? The easy way is Satan’s ways and the elevator is the easiest way to get to where you want in the building. The Stairs are very hard to go up and down. The way of sin is easy and the way of God is taking the stairs, It is very hard to follow this teachings. There is so much sin to contend with. But the Stairs will lead you to heaven.

Everything in life is up to you to make the right choices for you because you are the only one that will pay for your mistakes. You are the only one that will be standing before God himself when the time comes. If you are unsaved, he will say I do not know you and you will be sent on the elevation straight to hell. No matter what you believe when the time comes and you stand there, now what? I guess you will have to believe in something at that time. Reality finely has set in and all the choices you made over the years don’t matter now. Things of the world for you are no more. What is it to gain the whole world and lose your own soul? For your soul is more important than anything here on earth!

It is up to you to you to choose the right one. All there is now is elevator to Hell or the stairs to Heaven; you are the only one that can make that choice.



    To anyone that reads this page, these prayers are the secret prayers to God for salivation from Satan's world and Hell.  Satan wants these prayers never to be heard of or seen. So don't tell Satan we put the secret prayers here.

To become Saved. Read below.

   Prayer of Salivation (Say this out loud).

  God, I believe with all my heart and confess with my mouth that Jesus Christ was buried and has been raised from the dead, I make Jesus Lord of my life right now, and I repent of all sin and turn from it. I open the door of my life and let you in. Jesus you are my lord and I will serve only you. I renounce you Satan. You are no longer my Lord.. In the Father, Son and holy Ghost, Amen.

     Prayer of completely to God   (Say this out Loud).

  Father, I give myself completely to you. I need power to live for you. Fill me to over flowing with your holy spirit. I receive his fullness right now. I will be and I will do and I will say what God wants me to. In the Name of Jesus,  Amen.

     God's Property (Say out Loud)

  In the name of Jesus I command you devil to take your hands of all of God's property, in the name of the father the son, and Holy Ghost, Amen.